Having clogne into the corner of the kent,the dog trembled with fear and did not look into people’s eyes…

A pet named Ezra spent all his ife on the street.When the baby got to the Fairfield County orphanage in September,he even refused to look into people’s eyes.

The dog twisted in the depths of his kent,trembling with fear and looking at the wall.When one of the staff passed by the kennel in which the dog was sitting,he definitely threw a piece of delicacy to the pet.And one day the baby dared so much that he carefully took the treat from the hands of one of the employees.

When Ezra got a little used to the new environment,he became more willing to communicate with people.Sometimes the dog even allowed himself to be stroked!
After the five months that the aby spent in the shelter,he finally dared to go outside for his very first walk in his life.SInce then,Ezra’s mental state has become much better.

Caring people donated several dog cots to the shelter.Ezra was so delighted at the sight of a soft bed that he had to be persuaded to get off her to take a walk.Seeing how happy the pet was,the staff put a bed right in his kent.Ezra immediately sat down on her bed,shining with happiness.He wa so happy and proud to have his own crib!That’s how he sat,joyful and infinitely grateful to people for this wonderful gift.

Very soon the dog will go to New York,where he will find the owners.The staff of the shelter is proud of Ezra,because he was able to overcome his fear and believe peope again.
Good luck,baby!

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