Having found a kitten in the park,the woman decided to check if there were any other babies there.And…..

Walking with a dog in the park,a resident of Japan named Marimon drew attention to the little kitten.He was without a mother,lonely and defenceless…

In Japan,they strictly control the homeless animals,which is why Marimon knew that a single kitten would live,even if it were sterilized.
Most likely,he was abandoned,so the woman decided to take the baby home.

It turned out that the baby categorically does not want to be alone,so at night he demanded attention.Fortunately,Marimon had cats who came to support the little animal.
Meanwhile,the woman decided to go the park and see if the baby has any relatives.

«I was surprised when I found one kitten,and then there were two more! says Marimon.
Soon the cat family was united,and all the brothers were happy with this meeting!
Well,we are sincerely grateful to the caring Marimon for saving the fluffies!

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