He brings the wedding dress chosen by his fiancée back to the store to take the one chosen by his mother

Her wedding day is a day that many couples imagine as «perfect» or, at least, as they have always dreamed. It is never easy to organize something that meets your expectations, but the basic condition is to have a choice.

Although it may seem foolish, some people are forced to let themselves be influenced by their parents, mothers-in-law or friends in the organization of their own wedding. The woman in this story, for example, had to deal with an intrusive mother-in-law, supported to the end by her only son, the future husband of the young woman.

The bride (28 years old) told on Reddit how the preparations for her wedding had been a nightmare, especially because of her mother-in-law, an intrusive person with whom she had managed to maintain good relations until then. But during the preparations, her mother-in-law never seemed to agree with her daughter-in-law’s choices, continuing to intervene in every decision. The culmination of the disagreement focused on the choice of the wedding dress: the woman had chosen one that perfectly corresponded to her «vision». It’s a pity that this vision was not shared by the bride!

«She insisted on coming to buy the wedding dress with me, my mother and my friends,» said the bride-to-be. I was very lucky to find what I wanted. However, she saw a dress that she liked so much that she even declared that she had «always imagined her son’s bride dressed like this». My mother and my friends found this disturbing. I also thought that the dress was a little scary and that it was definitely not my type of dress. So I apologized and thanked her for her «vision», but I told her that I had already chosen a dress that I had «imagined» wearing to my wedding,» concludes the young woman.

Needless to say, the mother-in-law did not take well at all the rejection by her daughter-in-law of her choice of dress. However, the problem was not so much the reaction of the mother-in-law as that of the future groom, who supported his mother 100%. The young woman told that her fiancé resented her for treating her mother, excluding her from the «process» of choosing the dress.

«But what ‘process’? «thought the girl, who had already chosen her dress. After a lively discussion, it seemed that the question had been solved. The next day, however, the young woman found herself confused: her fiancé had returned the wedding dress she had chosen to the shop and taken the one her mother had chosen.

«I called him and he didn’t regret what he had done and why he had done it. I started yelling at him. He asked me to calm down and really «give this dress a chance». I refused to listen to him, I shouted at him without giving him a chance to speak. He came home and we had a fight.

Then I went to sleep at my friend’s house and he didn’t stop calling, then texting me to tell me that I had overreacted and that it was also his wedding, and therefore that it wasn’t a good thing to have yelled at him. He insisted that I give this dress a chance. He kept saying that his mother had this «vision» and good intentions, and that she only wanted the best for me, her future daughter-in-law, » the woman wrote on Reddit.

The girl asked the opinion of Reddit users to find out if it was she who had overreacted, but none of them reproached her, quite the contrary. Some users even suggested that she should cancel the wedding and distance herself from her «mom’s son» fiancé, because the dynamics always deteriorate over time. Do you also agree or would you have given the mother-in-law’s proposals a chance?

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