He died bravely after saving seven lives. An amazing tale that everyone should be aware of

The hero of this sentimental story is Daiko the Labrador. This dog was specially trained to save people. He was only 4 years old, 3.5 of which he spent in the service in one of the fire departments of Ecuador.

Not so long ago, a series of earthquakes took place on the territory of this country, as a result of which many people were re-buried under the rubble of buildings.

Daiko, as part of the fire brigade, arrived at the scene of the tragedy and immediately began to perform his duty – to look for survivors. He tried his best and did not feel sorry for himself at all, as it turned out, in vain …

The dog worked long hours without rest, sleep or food. He managed to save as many as 7 people from certain death.

After that, Daiko fell down as if he had been knocked down. The called veterinarian could only ascertain death from a heart attack and oxygen starvation.

The whole team was shocked by this terrible event.

But most of all mourned the trainer of this wonderful Labrador Alex Elu.

Everyone who worked close to Daiko noted his remarkable sense of smell, which allowed the dog to find people who are under tons of rubble.

The dog was buried as a rescuer who died in the line of duty.

All fire department workers attended the funeral and shared their memories of the brave Daiko.

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