He is just unreal! Labrador with a heart on his head was born the 11th puppy

This is love in its purest form. Oh, these sisters – nature and genetics, what colors they come up with for our pets! Here you have glamor, and fantasy, and the most diverse silhouettes …

However, this little labrador, perhaps, has surpassed everyone. His head was crowned with a real chocolate heart. A few days ago, a girl who called herself by the nickname Alexis Hunter 11, published a photo of an unusual puppy on her pages on social networks.

The fact is that a month ago, Alexis became a happy mother of 11 multi-colored babies at once, and they are all very cute! However, the last puppy with a heart on the back of the head causes the greatest delight of people.

Compliments are constantly pouring into him, and the doggie even reminded some users … a cute guinea pig!

However, many began to write in the comments that this photo is fake.

“No, it’s not photoshop,” Alexis tells them. “Sometimes the speck is more like a drop, sometimes a heart, depending on how the wool lays down. But it’s real!”

At the request of people, the girl told about the dogs in more detail. It turns out that the breed of her pets is mixed: they are three-quarters labradors and one-quarter collies.

All the puppies are healthy and love to play very much, and they simply torture the owner with their appetite!

So far, the baby is not named in any way (the owner will give him a name), but some of the users of the reddit.com website are inclined to think that he should be called Cupid. I would like to hope that such a “marking” will remain with the baby forever!

Do you like this wonderful puppy?

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