He just stroked the dog, the stray animal lay down and cried from neglect

In big cities, you can often find stray animals. People get rid of them like boring toys. If a dog is sick, old, or simply disrupting a person’s plans, it is thrown away like trash.

Hundreds of people pass by them every day, they see these unfortunate eyes, but they are busy with their everyday responsibilities. Some take care of the hungry, others worry.

There are people who are even ready to hurt them, simply by confusing them with a threat. But this is a story about other people.

Locals learned that an old, skinny German Shepherd lived in the city. The dog somehow fell into a trap, he lived in a river channel, he was doomed to starvation.

A group of volunteers went down to the river and fed the dog. When a man stroked a dog for the first time in a long time, the animal began to cry. He no longer expected kindness from people.

Now the dog named Biggie is healthy, well-fed and loved. They found him a loving owner.

Like this doggie, there are thousand of the same animals. They need help, love, affection. Don’t pass these eyes. A hundredfold generous return waits for you if you just decide to do them good.

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