He lowered his face and almost cries…The sad dog doesn’t leave the balcony looking for someone.

A dog named Big Dad has always been playful and incredibly affectionate even with strangers.Many children live in his family’s house,and the pet loves to play with them as soon as possible!

Here’s what the owner of the animal,Ray,Ellis,says: «Every weekend,when we go for a walk,children walk in the yard.Many of them skateboard or play with the ball.And the last two items cayse the Big Dad’s puppy delight.He will certainly run up to the guys and start wagging his tail,begging to play with him!Usually children do not mind such a company,so everyone wilingly plays with the pet,after which everything ends with hugs.»

Unforrtunately,due to the coronavirus raging in the world,the pet can no longer move freely down the street and see friends.Of course,it’s all temporary,but for the pet this turn of events has become a real test.
He hasn’t played with the children for a long time,and the hostess began to notice that Big Dad was sad.He sits on the balcony for hours watching one of his acquaintances frolic on the street.At this time,tears almost roll down his face!The dog is very worried.
He tried to attract the attention of children,but he failed.

Big Dad watched his friends leave the entrance to get some fresh air.Finally,one of the guys noticed a sad dog and greeted him.Soon his example was followed by the rest of the children — everyone who went outside began to shout loudly «hello» to the pet.
Oh how glad Big Dad was that he was finally noticed!When one of the guys greets the pet,he starts bouncing with joy.

The dog misses his friends very much,but he is happy to watch them at least from the balcony and know that he has not been forgotten.Can’t wait for the day when he can play with them again!

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