He was persuaded not to take a sick dog in the shelter,but Konstantin Khabensky decided otherwise…

Most often,our celebrities do not take pets from shelters,preferring purebred animals,for which they are ready to pay considerable sums.They believe that a pet is one of the components of luxury.

However,it is still not worth generalizing,as there are pleasant exceptions.One of them is the talented artist Konstantin Khabensky.He turned out to be an incredibly kind person who did not evaluate the animal at its cost.He sheltered his dog,surrounding it with love and care.

The actor came to pick up Frosya when she was completely tiny.Moreover,the employees of the shelter dissuaded him,referring to the animal’s illness,but Konstantin liked the dog so much that he did not doubt for a minute.

After the death of his first wife,faithful Frosya was support and outlet for him.By the way,she was really sick and the most expensive veterinarians could not completely cure her.The dog is still afraid to stay alone in a dark place and as soon as the lights turn off,it whines plaintively,so Khabensky leaves electricity on.

Konstantin is very attached to Frosya and takes care of her.For example,during filming in another city,he specially rented a large house to settle there with a dog,while the rest of the team settled in a hotel.

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