He was used as a bait dog, chained to the fence as the infection seeped through his body.

Slapdash Deliverance, of St. Louis, made a call with a dog that was tied to a hedge in someone’s neighborhood, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

When the saviors arrived, they were shaved to see the condition of this dog, which had easily been used as canine bait.

He had severe bites on his body, face and legs, and his face was so blown that he could slightly open his eyes.

The infected wound had not been coated for several weeks, and it had become septic. The poor dog was tied up alone and waited to die.

The Saviors rushed him to their clinic, where he spent months on intravenous batteries, and got into the antibiotics and around the clock asked the nanny to come back to help him. The dog, now named Marco, turned out to be a legionnaire. Although the road to recovery has been long, he has done it!

Despite everything he has been through, he still loves and trusts humans and turns to them for love. Since then, he has planted a loving home with other siblings of dogs he enjoys playing with.

His days of dog fighting are now far behind him, and although he still has the scars, his former clearly does not define him.

He now spends his days curled up on the couch with his new family, or running around his big neighborhood with the other tykes.

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