«Help me,I’m lost!» The dog came to the police,but did not wait for help and ran away.

Last week,at dawn,an unusual guest entered the doors of the Texas Police Department.The dog walked around the room and then jumped with his front paws right on the counter.
A friendly dog tried to tell the people that he was lost.Yes,yes,you understood everything correctly!

Among the officers was a young sergeant named Martin,who immediately noticed that the dog just wanted to have a good time and escaped from home.
Everyone around was happy to see the pet.They give him a tennis ball and watched how he was playing with it!
There was a collar on the fugitive,but the tag with the address fell off,so they had to contact the animal control department.But even before the staff came for the baby,the situation changed dramatically.

The dog probably decided that he had been away from home for too long.Without waiting for help,he went to the owners on his own.
The dog’s name is Chico,and he seems to «revealed» his first deal,and even without the help of police officers.He got lost himself,and then he was found himself!

Martin,jokingly,says that the pet has a great future in law enforcement agencies!Maybe that’s what it is.

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