Her painful eyes showed that she was disappointed in life,but people made her to hope in it…

This dog was already on the verge and had almost no chance of salvation.She was very hungry and didn’t even stay on her paws.The only thing she could do was to lie down in despair ad wait for the end,as she no longer expected anything good.

However,the volunteers who found her took up its salvation.They gave her the nickname Lady and immediately sent her for intensive at a veterinary clinic.The dog’s painful eyes caused tears and she was so exhausted that she could not even resist,although she was very afraid of people.
Veterinarians developed a treatment plan using X-ray and a large number of tests.Care,medicine and proper nutrition — that’s all she needed to recover.But most importantly,she wanted to feel protected and loved to continue fighting for her life.

Doctors and nurses did everything possible to make her recover as soon as possible.She was given intravenous antibiotics and a high-calorie diet to treat scabies.It was at this time that Lady began to believe in both people and herself.
She changed both externally and internally:she became friendly and sociable,her eyes shone,and the hair overgrown,becoming thick and shiny,and energy was added every day.

When Lady is fully recovered,which is no longer in doubt,she will find a permanent,loving family.

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