Heroic and smart dog leads the officer to his owner slumped over in a chair

It was incredible to hear of how a dog managed to save his owner’s life.

Officer Jeff Gonzalez was on patrol when a stray dog approached him. The policeman thought that it was a stray dog. In fact, it was another story. The dog was trying to convince the man to follow him.

Finally, the officer went after the black dog from Germantown, Wisconsin.

It was quite unusual behavior. Suddenly, the doggie stopped in front of a house. Now the man realized what was wrong.

There was a woman lifelessly lying on the front porch, having her pajamas on. In fact, it was too cold outside.

The officer thought she was dead. Then he checked her pulse, and fortunately, the woman was alive. Gonzalez instantly called for an ambulance.

Crystal was taken to the hospital. Her dog – John Boy saved his owner’s life. Gladly, after receiving medical treatment, the woman got well.

After the incredible incident, everybody was surprised by the heroism of the dog. He was not a trained dog but a loyal friend!

We are happy that Crystal went back home. Also, thanks to the officer who followed the dog.

We are also sure that John Boy will be spoiled with extra treats till the end of his life. He deserves all the best!

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