Heroic dog saved 8 people from the fire in a big store in Russia, later was found and treated

Recently, in the city of Moscow, a fire started in a store. People didn’t suspect anything and slept peacefully, but a homeless dog came for help.

When the fire had already invaded the building, the local dog Mapfa was startled by the alarm. She started to bark loudly, and then ran to the bar and began to take the shocked people out into the street.

She rushed into the burning building a few times in order to take out the people who remained there.

The dog saved 8 people. If it weren’t for Mapfa, they might not have understood that there was a fire in the building.

After the rescue operation, the dog somehow disappeared. Later the volunteers found her on the site.

The little girl got burned on her paws and back. She was taken to a clinic. Vets prescribed her treatment, ahead of a long recovery, but unaccountable people who have known the story of the dog have already sent out medications that are necessary.

The Mapfa coughs a little, can’t hit on the burnt paws, but she already wags her tail, at the same time, she is good at eating and going for the preparation. When she is fully grown, she will look for loving households.

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