His eyes never saw the Sun,and his paws did not touch the grass:the bear was saved from the chain…

Ricky the bear got to the shelter a year ago.This year was difficult for him,because he had to relearn many things and adapt to a completely new life.

Ricky lived in Albania,he was chained in a small shack next to the house of a man who was his owner.According to rescuers,Ricky was placed in this shack when he was still a baby,but the bear grew quickly and by the age of two his housing had become too cramped.
The owner of the bear had no idea how to take care of such a big animal,so he kept it on the chain without letting it out.Ricky has almost never seen sunlight.

We managed to pick up the bear in 2017.A new home for him was found in Bulgaria,in a shelter where animals affected by abuse are taken care of.There is a large park on the territory of the shelter,where bears rescued from captivity are being rehabilitated.
Ricky gladly started walking on the street,met his relatives.Rehabilitation after living in imprisonment and learning to live in new conditions take time,but Ricky copes well with this task.

The bear feels much better,he is calm and peaceful.While the rest of the bears in the shelter were setting up dens for the winter,Ricky ran around the park and played with everything,he came in his way.
The volunteers said that Ricky finds ways to entertain himself and he studies everything around with sincere pleasure.

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