Homeless cat has become a symbol of a challenge, calling people to adopt cats

A veterinarian named Yana Aviles recently launched a challenge on social media, which quickly developed a rather unusual face. It was the face of a homeless cat, which was recently brought to a local shelter.

Aviles looked at her and knew immediately that this was a great opportunity!

So, get acquainted, Dobby Cat or Yoda-Cat, so far these names are the most popular.

The funny and unusual appearance of the cat guaranteed a lot of attention to the animal. And if so, why not arrange a challenge so that the animals are taken from the shelter.

The veterinarian wrote that this cat with unique ears will find new owners without any problems, people are greedy for such things, but what to do to other animals that are ordinary in our world?

This is completely wrong when only one creature gets a lot of attention when others are in great need of help.

The strange kitty was not named somehow and she was not exhibited among the animals. On the contrary, they will hold her, so that people, on a wave of great interest, take the rest of the cats.

And the unusual will be passed on to those who can prove that they take a cat for sure, not for simple fun! Moreover, proper care is very important for her.

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