Homeless cat with unusual eyes found care and home with a young couple

Have you met cats with heterochromia — eyes of different colors? Such a street cat was fascinated by Betty and her husband during one of the walks near their home.

The cat – hungry, dirty and intimidated – at first did not want to make contact with people, she hid when young people tried to caress her.

But this odd-eyed sunk into the soul of young people, they began to feed her, placing bowls of water and food not far from the place where she was hiding.

The hungry girl gradually conquered fear, she first ran out just to eat, and at the end of the third week, she allowed herself to be stroked and even went to humans’ arms, purring loudly.

Young people did not leave the animal on the street, they took the cat home. Now she has not only her own home, in which people live as neighbors (and this is exactly the case with cats!) but also her very suitable name is Fluffy.

Washed, combed, trimmed, Fluffy with her heterochromatic eyes has become an incredible beauty! Looking at her, you would not think that until quite recently, this keeper of home comfort lived on the street.

Fluffy is now the princess of his human mum and dad!

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