Homeless dog fell asleep in someone else’s car.

February was full of surprises for Rodrigo Coelho and his wife.It all started when they went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.

As soon as Rodrigo left the pharmacy and came to the parking place,his wife opened the car door for him because his hands were busy.And then a homeless dog approached the couple.It was very unexpected,but the pet behaved as if he understood what he was doing.

The mongrel jumped into the car and instantly fell asleep.The poor dog was very tired so he decided that they are good people and they would let him to sleep in their car.
Looking at the peacefully sleeping dog,Rodrigo and his wife realized that they couldn’t leave him.So they went home with him.As soon as the dog went inside,he immediately lay down on the couch ad fell asleep again…

Soon in social media the pet was recognized!It turns out that his real nickname is Thor,and his owners live kilometres from Rodrigo’s house.The dog was just lost…
Of course,they found the owners and made them happy.How much happiness it was when Thor finally met his loved ones!

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