Homeless dog took a book from the store without permission and became an Internet star

“It’s more fun with a good book” – apparently so thought a dog from Brazil, that encroached on the goods of a bookstore.

Life is very difficult for stray animals. There is no permanent place to sleep and guaranteed breakfasts and dinners. Our hero had the same fate.

He lived near a literature store. He did not show aggression, therefore no one paid attention to him. However, the whole world learned about him, after the pup decided to get into the shop.

Running into the building, he grabbed one tome with his teeth and disappeared. None of the workers noticed the theft.

But after a while, the visitor found nearby this very novel with traces of fangs, which, by coincidence, was called “Days of Solitude.”

After talking with the sellers, the caring person inspired them to look at the footage from the security cameras. How surprised people were when they saw that it was the dog that committed the theft.

The story impressed the staff so much that they decided to take the pet with them, feed it, take care of it. After the details were published on the Internet, tourists often began to drop in to take pictures with the dog, which so unexpectedly became famous and finally found a home.

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