How a dog from Belfast became famous on the Internet!

The dachshund from Belfast became an Internet star.The owners of the dog shred a photo of the dog’s incredible ability to hold various objects on its head.
Its owners-Jennifer Scott and Paul Lavera-discovered the skill of their two-year-old puppy by accident.

Paul talks about the unexpected popularity of his dog as follows:
‘When Jen first started his Instagram,I laughed at her thinking that no one was interested.It all started with a toy chicken,and Harley turned out to be so gifted».

Jen took Harley when he was four months old.He was the last pet of the litter that the Tyrone family had not yet sold.Then she took him home the same evening.But soon the couple discovered the dog’s unique talent.

They recognise that they can hardly cope with the popularity of the dog.And the couple want their favourite to be included in the Guinness Vook of Record for its amazing ability.

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