How long do carps,pike and other fish live…

Let’s find out today how long certain sea creatures live!

Small cinolebias fish live for several months.Less than a year — deep-sea pelagic fish.A round goby,fishing fish of the Black and Caspian Seas,has been living for two and a half years.The century of Black Sea hamsa fish lasts about three years.

What about fish that often get on the dining table?Thus,Far Eastern salmon,keta,pink salmon live about 7 years.But cod,herring and sea bass easily reach 25-30 years.Carp fish(carp,chub,bream),which often live for beauty in reservoirs,easily live for 15 years.

In the aquarium,the most popular fish are gold — they can even turn 35 years old.According to some scientist,carp can live at least 200 years.Sturgeon has been living for about 50 years,catfish lives up to 40 years.They also argue about the longevity of pike:ichthyologists believe that they live up to a maximum of 100 years.

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