How one photo changed the life of a dog, or a dog that found a loving family

The Internet connects millions of people around the globe. That is why the network is a huge force that can save lives. In a small town in the US state of New Mexico, a homeless dog lived for a long time.

If an animal placed in a shelter is not adopted for a long time, a sad fate awaits it – euthanasia.

Many do not agree with such cruel rules. Volunteers even created an organization that helps animals get a chance at a happy life. To do this, they post photos of destitute cats and dogs on social networks.

This time, the volunteers also went to the trick. They captured a sad dog behind bars. In the photo, the animal is frightened, there is so much pain and despair in his eyes.

The dog seems to understand that inevitable death awaits him. Immediately after posting the picture on the Internet, volunteers began to receive many calls and letters. Those who responded wanted to take the dog to their family.

The animal had to be euthanized, but the new owners managed to come for it. The dog was happy; he was glad to be free. The new owners gave the desperate dog a family in which she is loved and appreciated.

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