How the woman that didn’t let her children adopt an animal, couldn’t help herself adopting an unusual cat

Upon entering the shelter, Sean saw a cat with a very unusual appearance – he practically had no ears, and his tail was half normal.

Result of fights, she thought. But everything turned out to be that simple. Volunteers of the shelter told her about the real reason for the cat’s appearance.

The cat named Oscar came to them two years ago. He would not have survived without the intervention of people, this was immediately understood by the volunteer who found him and took him to the shelter.

Ear cancer, squashed tail, serious back infection … a little?

So the auricles and tail had to be amputated during the treatment, but the back was healed … and the cat began to live in a cage, no longer relying on his home and the loving hands of his man.

And Sean’s heart sank after such a story. In fact, she, having come with the children to the orphanage, did not want to take anyone – she simply yielded to the requests of the children to show them this institution.

But the earless and tailless cat touched her soul so much, looked so with its bottomless eyes, that the very next day she filled out all the necessary documents for preparation.

And before that, she discussed everything with her daughters; it was important for her that there was a single position in the family about the cat.

Probably, they say the truth that such cats, that survived a lot, very easily find a common language and understanding with any living creature.

After all, Sean and her daughters had two more cats and dogs at home. And what do you think?

Oscar immediately joined this mixed dog-cat family as if he had lived with them since birth.

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