Huge malamute flying in the plane sincerely delighted the passengers of the flight

Scientists have long proven the fact that animals can have the most beneficial effect on human well-being. Moreover, they affect not only the physical state but also the mental. That is why it is vital for some people to have a faithful pet next to them.

Already relatively recently, many airlines have begun to allow animals into aircraft cabin. And in fact, it is possible to obtain special permission for this for a long time. The fact is that our smaller brothers can easily get a free seat next to their owners.

This is real only if the person has a disability and any other need to accompany the animal. Special permits are issued after the decision of the commission. It is worth saying that such creatures undergo special training, they are properly trained without exception.

And not so long ago, an interesting story happened. And the thing is that a huge malamute entered the plane from China Southern Airlines. The dog obediently sat down in his seat and began to smile at all the people who were already on board.

The dog had to provide support to its owner during an emotionally difficult flight. But it should be said that the malamute cheered up not only its owner. All passengers of the flight were delighted with such a well-mannered, obedient and very quiet neighbor.

Some netizens noted that they would gladly choose just such a neighborhood if they had a choice with noisy children or drunken passengers. And this is not surprising, because such a huge dog did not cause any discomfort to either people or staff.

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