Husky and Golden Retrievers gathered around the newly born kitten to examine it

Recently, a video of husky and golden retrievers welcoming a newborn kitten went viral for its cuteness. The owner of the fluffy pups didn’t expect that the Internet users would go crazy about what happened in the footage.

Thanks to her, millions of people have had an opportunity to admire the cute moment.

In the footage, a small kitten is surrounded by several large dogs. What can come of this? It may be the beginning of a true friendship.

You just look at how warm these dogs look at the cat. They are waiting for the fluffy kitty to get older and play with them all the doggy games. No wonder, if the cat will consider herself a dog in the future.

For them, seeing such a small and fragile creature is a real wonder. A very cute moment captured on video is what we need to get some peace and joy.

Obviously, these giants are going to be the best older siblings for the newborn kitten. They will protect her and love her with their big hearts.

Dog’s love is trustworthy, so there is no doubt that the baby girl is very lucky to have them around!

We wish all the animals to be surrounded with such strong protection and pure love.

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