Husky picks out her own kitten at the shelter and the two become best friends

Dogs and cats are ancient enemies – this is what we know about their relations. In reality, many of them get along with each other and become best friends.

When Christina decided to adopt a kitten, this all started. She has always dreamed of having a dog and cat. The woman believed that if her husky pup would choose the kitten, they would live in peace together.

Raven is a Tamaskan husky, a dog that makes Christina smile. When they two reached Lubbock, the story has begun!

The woman kept her decision and let Raven pick a kitten for him. He was introduced to four cats but only one of them interacted with her.

It was an adorable tiny but fluffy kitten named Woodhouse.

These two immediately has become friends. They went home together, and from that day, the dog and the cat have been best friends. The duo likes playing together and sometimes they share the same bed.

For Christina, it’s a pleasure to follow their games.

They are always next to each other, sharing car rides. They even have some similarities in appearance. The pair has about 100k followers on Instagram.

This is a favorite pair of best friends that will warm your heart. Let there be more friendships like this.

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