«I’ll fight for him!» thought the girl,saving a weak puppy found in the trash.

Tatiana Yarmeeva couldn’t stop crying when her favourite Labrador died right in her arms…It happened five years ago.

Then the husband said to Tanya,»Bring home at least a mammoth to make it easier for you…»
At the same time,an inhuman person threw nine puppies into the trash.Tanya choose the weaknest and sickest baby among all.

The puppy had so many health problems.The girl didn’t sleep at night,cried and begged the baby to live.Tanya’s love for her pet overcame all the problems!
The dog is five years old now.There’s a long treatment.Tatiana patiently treated the dog and did everything possible to make the pet live a healthy and happy life.

It turns out that even the sickest and weakest animal can be saved.Probably pets feel the love of a person and cling to life for him.Thanks to Tatiana for saving Loi!

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