«I’ll take it home just to feed!» thought the girl,meeting a homeless puppy on the street…But the baby stayed with her forever!

Once Yulia Mangusheva was walking down the street and noticed a little homeless puppy girl.The baby cried loudly,but no one cared about her.The poor baby looked into people’s eyes asking for help.

The weak pet was clearly very hungry.Yulia didn’t have anything with her to feed the puppy,so she decided to take the baby home.
Of course,after a hearty dinner,the baby fell asleep,and Julia immediately changed her mind about bringing her back to the street.She bathed the puppy and then left her for the night…

Yulia’s family decided that they’ve already attached to it,so it didn’t make sense to part with the pet.
The dog was named Naida,and for more then a year she has been happily living in a new family.Thanks to Yulia and her family for not leaving the baby on the street!

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