In a Canadian hospital,pets are allowed to visit sick owners.

As part of the «Zachary’s Paws for Healing» program,Zhuravinsky Hospital in Ontario allowed pets to visit seriously ill owners.The program was launched by Donna Jenkins,inspired by the example of her 25-year-old nephew Zachary,who benefited from the presence of his faithful dog when he found Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

«When Zachary began to beg to be allowed to see his dog Chase,he had been in hospital for several weeks and was very weak after stem cell transplantation,»Jenkins said.
«We secretly took Chase to the intensive care unit.The result was incredible.When Zachary realized that he would not be able to defeat cancer,he made me promise to organize this program.»

«When patients see their pets,the main indicators of their body condition improve.It also helps them cope with depression and loneliness.»
«Pet visits remind patients why they should recover and return home.»

Pets can come for an hour once a week.All animals are thoroughly washed before the visit and are not allowed to see other patients in the hospital.
«Pets are happy to see their owners and cal down when they realize that they have not been abandoned.»

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