In a garbage bin, a Rottweiler with paralysis was discovered. The dog was saved by a group of animal advocates.

Suzanne lay on the ground, propping her back on a dumpster, one of the thousands in the vastness of Florida. The dog’s eyes were closed, the body trembled, and the legs refused to obey.

And suddenly someone touched the head of the animal! Suzanne wearily opened her eyelids – a woman stood in front of her, who looked at the dog with compassion, taking out a mobile phone from her pocket …

After a couple of minutes, a car drove up, several people got out of it, and, together with the woman, shifted Susie onto a piece of tarpaulin. On these impromptu stretchers, the dog was taken to a shelter.

All the bones are intact… Why can’t she walk?

The doctor found in the patient an abundance of fleas, ticks and the consequences of malnutrition. It also became clear that the Rottweiler was the victim of a breeder who kept it in a cage for several years and used it to give birth to puppies.

Susanne was taken to the Veterinary Hospital in Boca Raton, where she received a blood transfusion and began treatment. No one knew if the dog would walk again, but Susanne herself had already decided everything!

When Sue was brought to the pool to train her paws, the baby suddenly moved her limbs and began to try to swim!

She was a little over three years old, so her body responded with strength to the treatment and began to recover quickly.

Volunteers and veterinarians did their best. They made a recovery plan for their ward, fed her the most healthy food, performed laser procedures, gave her painkillers to relieve muscle and joint pain. The dog visited the pool regularly and made great strides there!

Along with this, the mood of the Rottweiler also changed. Sue seemed to be rejuvenated, began to enjoy walks, smile, wag her tail and love everyone around! She especially liked to walk on the grass when no one was holding her on a leash.

A month has passed. In the wonderful and active dog, no one can recognize that dog dying by the road!

She is waiting for that very Person who will stretch out his hand to her and say: “Well, hello to you, the new member of my family! Welcome to the new and bright House … ”

And she will definitely look forward to it!

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