In any weather,a dog ran near the roadway.She was waiting for someone,looking at the road with eyes full of hope!

Until recently,there was a dog on the roadway.She was there in any weather.Dirty and wet from the rain,she rushed along the road,seeing off cars.Caring people turned to volunteers to find out why the animal is here…

As it turned out,the owner of the pet died a month and a half age.The pet could not understand this,so she was still waiting for the owner,looking at the road with eyes full of hope.

A local man informed the shelter staff that he was constantly feeding the animal.And not only him — neighbors often bring food to the poor.But no one can pick him — the dog is waiting for its owner,and therefore do not want to follow strangers.

Having learned about the situation,the volunteers decided to help the poor animal.
It’s so good that the shelter staff were able to ctach the poor dog,because he needed medical help!

And then the neighbor decided to take care of the dog.He said he would find a place in his yard,and the poor dog will no longer have to wander the streets.
Now the dog is safe and surrounded by care,he would be very happy!

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