In China, a savvy horse pretends to be dead so as not to be ridden by people

Sometimes in the world of animals happen such cases when some of them become exceptions and behave in a strange way.

Yes, animals also can be lazy … but horses! All of us know how strong and hard-working they are! Actually, all the horses except for Jingang.

This horse named Jingang is not that he is not ready to plow like a horse, he does not want to ride people either. The obstinate found his own way of shirking work – pretending to be dead. Moreover, it comes out so theatrical and funny.

Horses are hardworking and hardy creatures. But the horse named Jingang is not one of them. He gravitates more towards theatrical art.

Not wanting to ride people, the horse pretends to be dead. Did you know that foals are able to run within a few hours after birth?

By the way, the next time you witness that the horse “laughs”, know that this is how it clears the airways to better distinguish between smells.

In addition, horses see colors. However, it is difficult for them to distinguish between yellow and green.

Another interesting fact: stallions have 40 teeth, however, mares have 36.

Horses are amazing friends, We wish Jingang good luck in his career as an actor and long life!

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