In Mexico a woman saved a wild animal without knowing it was a not a dog but a wild coyote

In one Mexican city, Victoria Andre Ati saved as she thought, a homeless dog. When the woman brought the animal to a veterinarian, they explained to her that it was a coyote.

Andre was driving a car when she saw another car hit the creature and just drove away. Desiring to help, the girl stopped and tried to calm down what she thought was a downed dog.

However, Ati did not manage to drag her into the car on her own. Then the Mexican called friends who helped her, and the injured animal was taken to the nearest veterinarian. It was then that the woman was told that she had saved a coyote.

Nevertheless, Andrea even gave the wild animal a name – Pancho.

“Unfortunately, the coyote could no longer continue to fight for her life. She just didn’t respond to treatment. Everything possible was done in a human way. At the last moment, I looked at her and wished that the animal would no longer suffer.

Pancho came into this world to show us that we need to help those who need it. With small actions, we can make a big difference.

Animals can’t talk or ask for anything, they give love and affection without asking for anything in return,” said Andrea.

The girl said that Pancho’s body would be cremated, and then the ashes would be buried in the ground.

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