In order to ask for water from people the dog came up with this idea

Unfortunately, animals can’t talk or to be more precise, they speak other languages that we cannot understand. And because of this problem, we encounter misunderstandings with them, and it’s sometimes hard to guess what they actually need.

In this story, a dog is trying to explain to people his need. He uses no barks or gestures, he simply took a bucket, and it’s genius!

No living creature can last long without water.

All wild animals live near waterholes, and the owners give water to domestic animals. The need of drinking water is essential not also for us but also for animals, as our body contains lots of this liquid.

As for stray dogs and cats, it is quite difficult for them to find water, because they can only rely on themselves.

One such dog in Peru found a way out. She began to carry a plastic bucket for paint with her, and approached people with it, after which she asked for water.

First, the dog put the bucket down, after which it lowered its muzzle into it and showed that it was thirsty. This animal knows how to talk with an item when there is no possibility to make people understand him.

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