Incredibly beautiful cubs were born to a white tigress and a white lion.These creatures are unique!

Meet a unique couple:lion Ivory and tigress Saravasti.The probability of creating such a couple,and even the birth of cubs,is incredibly small.Now the population of white tigers is only 1200,and even fewer white lions — only 300.

They met in a park in South Carolina.This is a reserve for rare animals,an incredible place where you can admire rare animals from close range.
And so Saravasti gave birth to four cubs.It’s half tigers and half lions.They are very cute and the only representatives of this species in the world.A total of 100 ligrits live,however,these babies are white ligrits.

Their names are: Yeti,Sampson,Odlin and Apollo.Each of them has its own interesting character.The most beautiful is Apollo.In addition,he is very cunning and loves to be picked up and stroked.

They grow at a very fast pace and the day will come when these ligrits will become the largest famous cats.

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