It’s incredible,but it happens.A farm chicken warmed a snake under the wing.

When the mistress noticed a giant snake in the chicken coop,she was shocked,very naturally.However,the situation was amazing:it turned out that the chicken and the snake became friends and the feathered does not strain at all from the presence of her neighbor.

It turned out that this is not the first time the snake visits the chicken coop,but it communicated with its inhabitants for the first time.Sarah’s parents,which was the name of the girl,were already aware of the presence of the snake.

She even had some benefit there.A snake living in an old rusty car next to a chicken coop periodically come there to steal an egg,but in return scares all predators and pests,so they have absolute mutual assistance.

Sarah’s father even nicknamed the reptile «Friend».He assures that the snake did not even try to harm the chickens,but very diligently drives away rodents.
Such friendship is not common in the animal world,but it still happens.

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