Kind boy covered the freezing dog with his jacket: people were impressed by the kindness that still exists

Of course, you’ve heard numerous stories about the kindness of people who are not indifferent to the surrounding world and its inhabitants. They don’t think a second before rushing to help animals – living creatures that are weaker than us.

The hero of this story is a boy who thankfully is not indifferent to what happens around him.

One cool day a boy was walking in the yard when his eyes were interested in the unfortunate dog, which needed support. It was trembling because of the cold.

Without a second thought, Levan took off his own jacket and covered the animal with it. Nobody would have known about this act if the neighbors had not captured the scene.

A man who lives in a neighboring house took a picture of them and published the photo on social networks. This post went viral on the Internet and soon flew around a big number of the public, receiving many likes and comments.

This post was also noted by the employees of the city administration. Soon, Levan was invited to a social project that is engaged in the arrangement of houses for homeless animals. It is so good that the younger generation is able to give goodness!

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