Kind dog adopts newborn possums and carries them on her back everywhere she goes

These five baby possums were orphaned after their mother was killed by a dog. It seemed that they wouldn’t survive, Then a miracle happened and they met a dog that has become a mom for them.

Stephanie Maldorado – a dog trainer from Brazil rescued the tiny creatures. There was almost no chance of staying alive because the babies hadn’t opened their eyes yet.

Human care was not enough for the newborns to continue living. Besides round clock care, feeding and cleaning, they needed warmth that couldn’t be given.

Sensing that the tiny creatures need love and care in order to survive, Stephanie’s cute dog Pretinha started to show them affection and defense.

She hugged them all the time and kept warm. Pretinha acted like a surrogate mother, and it worked out! This fantastic dog even cared for the babies on her back as their real mother would do.

In fact, baby possums are fragile creatures that need special care provided by specially trained rehabbers. These animals don’t suckle, so one should know extra knowledge about their care.

Evidently, Stephanie and her dog were sure about their steps because soon the babies started to grow. Now they even go for walks with their new ”mamas.”

It’s a pride for Pretinha to be a mom for the possum gang. It’s hilarious meanwhile heartwarming to see how they climb their mom’s back.

Again and again, kindness saves lives.

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