Kind fisherman saved an Alabai dog from the swam, who could not even howl

This touching story happened in a small village Moskovskaya.

Once, a local fisherman, named Ilya Sadovnichy went for fishing.

The morning was not productive for the young fisherman, so he continued walking through the forest to pick mushrooms and some berries.

As that plants grew in wet areas, he walked to near a swamp. And, suddenly, he heard a sound, seemed like a soft sprinkle.

Luckily, he approached the swamp, in which a big Alabai was suffering. She was trying to approach the shore, but soon, she lost his last strength and started to get dragged in it.

As the poor creature stayed there for a long time, she was tired out, and even couldn’t move his body.

The kind young man immediately rushed to help the poor creature, who was stuck in the swamp, becoming heavier.

The action of saving became more difficult, when the dog did not let the man touch him, as she felt danger.

However, as the huge lifeguard dog was so tired out, she withdrew eventually, and the man managed to pull her to the shore.

After the man rescued her life, the giant hero lied on the grass, had a rest for a while, and, only after that, she could gather her strength and slowly went.

She even barked something, expressing her gratitude, in return.

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