Kind-hearted man uses his own cottage as a shelter for crippled dogs

This young man turned out to be so caring that he decided to create a special shelter for crippled dogs. And to solve this problem, he donated his own summer cottage.

As for the first patient, this is a dog that lost a paw after an accident. The next time the young man adopted a puppy. As for today, 350 different dogs live in the shelter. They can be adopted by anyone who wants to.

In addition to those dogs that have obvious physical injuries, there are also those in the shelter that do not look like sick or crippled.

However, these are dogs with serious psychological trauma. The shelter is home to two shepherd dogs, the former owner of which literally mocked them.

The animals were forced to sit on a half-meter chain and felt very unhappy.

Today there are many dogs in the shelter among which everyone can find a faithful four-legged friend. However, there is one important condition – this person must take care of his friend and express his love to him.

We express our gratitude and respect to this man. This is truly a heroic act. Thank you for your dedication and love for animals.

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