Kind-hearted woman risked herself by rushing to save a dog fallen into icy water

The woman, as usual, went for a walk with her three children and the dog. Going outside for refreshment is what she does every day after working hours.

She is attentive to her dog and never leaves him home alone. But the incident that happened during a casual walk by a frozen river, made Alina be more cautious.

That day at some point, her four-legged friend wanted freedom, and the dog, breaking off the leash, found itself on the frozen Yauza River. Thin ice cracked, and the animal appeared in the water and began to sink.

There were no emergency workers or firefighters near that place, and the animal could die because of hypertension. Without a moment’s hesitation, Alina rushed to save her beloved dog.

The woman broke the ice with her hands, trying to swim to the drowning pet. As a result, she managed to pull the dog out of the water and safely return to the shore.

Alina was already helped to get out of the water by bystanders who witnessed her feat. The dog went through a lot of stress and, finding himself on land, even bit Alina’s hand.

Alina Naumova has three children; she works as a pediatric gastroenterologist at the local medical center.

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