Kind lady rescued cute kittens that were abandoned in the middle of her house yard

A couple of little cats appeared in the yard of the house. They were helped just in time, namely before the harsh winter. A kind woman from the Canadian city of Montreal accidentally saw several tiny kittens near her own house, without a mother-cat.

The woman decided to look for other kittens but did not find them. Continuing to look after the two babies, she waited almost half a day, waiting for the possible return of the mother cat.

The woman made a small shelter for the kittens, covered it with a blanket. She supplied food and water, which the animals immediately swept away. Still waiting for her mother cat to return, she decided to wait until tomorrow.

Waking up the next morning, the lady found two kittens huddling under the covers to each other. There was no sign of their mother, and none of the neighbors came to see them. It became clear that they were simply abandoned.

After assessing the situation, the woman took the animals to her house and then turned to local animal rights activists from the Chatons Orphelins Montréal organization for help.

The little-tailed brothers, Celestine and Sirius, became agitated, realizing that they were now truly cared for. They purred at the same time as they were stroked.

The two furry brothers have been inseparable since the first time their paws set foot in a new abode. Once they are not near, they immediately start looking for each other.

They never sleep separately. Often they can be seen embracing on a cat tree or in the bed of their owners.

These pets are very similar in appearance and character.

Celestine is the leader, he eats first and takes toys. Sirius always lets Celestine do her own thing and just follows.

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