Kindergarten for adorable pandas is the sweetest place on the whole planet

Where do you think the epicenter of the mimicry lies? We will tell you!

In China, in the city of Chengdu, there is an absolutely unique kindergarten for pandas.

These babies are the greatest proof of the success of panda breeding, in which the Chinese have achieved unprecedented heights.

Little pandas behave like children. Animals ride on swings made of car tires, wrestle with each other and descend from slides.

The teachers in this kindergarten feed the cubs with milk, because at such a young age they still cannot eat bamboo.

The matured animals are released into the territory of the park, which maximally recreates the natural habitat of bamboo bears.

The workers say it is not easy to save this rare animal in the world. The main problem with breeding pandas is that in captivity these animals are generally indifferent to reproduction.

Pandas live in the mountainous areas of central China – Sichuan and Tibet. Despite the fact that pandas are predacious animals, their diet is vegetarian. In fact, they only eat bamboo.

Panda is an endangered species with decreasing population size and low fertility rates, both in the wild and also in captivity. Scientists estimate that there are about 1,700 pandas left in the wild. Therefore, the giant panda is even a symbol of the World Wildlife Fund

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