Kitten that was born 4 days later than his brothers and sisters, is very attached to his mother

Shelby is a cat that was found before childbirth. She was met by a caring person who also fed her after giving birth.

Shelby was taken to the veterinarian for spaying, but it turned out that she had more kittens on the way. From the bottom of all survived only one kitten named Sparky.

The doctors tried very hard to save him. But he also died 4 days later in the arms of his mom. However, the strangest thing happened later.

The fact is that Shelby gave birth to another kitten. Moreover, at this time, the person who found the cat was taking her home from the clinic.

And then he realized that the cat gave birth to another kitten. The kitten turned out to be very active, and from the very first minutes of her life, he began to demand food. Shelby nursed the kitten, giving her the maximum of her motherly love and care.

And after 15 days it became clear that everything would be fine with the kitten. They named her Lizzie and the little kitty had a great appetite and was also gaining weight.

Despite being born very small and delicate, she actively fought for her life and survived. Gradually, the kitten got stronger and began to actively play with her mother.

As for the oldest Shelby cat, she is not so mature. She is very fond of playing and fooling around, and actively spends time playing games with her little daughter. And during quiet hours, cats sleep in an embrace.

Shelby, although a mother-heroine, frolics like a small child and adores the attention of human friends. Quiet time – it’s time for hugs!

In general, they are very happy and active, which is not surprising, because they have loving owners.

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