Kitten with an amazing fur color was able to fight for his own life and win

The kitten, which was accidentally found in a backyard, has grown an interesting fur coat. Together with him were three more newborn brothers and sisters.

Mom never came back for the babies, although they were very tiny.

The resident of the site could not leave the kittens and appealed for help to zoo activists from California Orphan Kitten Club.

One of the kittens stood out especially against the rest. He was very thin, small and cold.

However, the kitten did not even think about giving up. He proved himself to be a real fighter. He was given the nickname – Jinsik.

Having received normal nutrition, he began to quickly fill his stomach, despite the fact that his life hung in the balance.

Jinsik spent several days on IVs. Gradually he perked up and began to slowly gain weight.

This little miracle spent exactly 6 days on overexposure.

During this time, he managed to overcome the 100-gram mark and was disconnected from the life support apparatus.

The kitten began to grow up, and along with its size, the color of the coat began to change.

While Jinsik was undergoing treatment, one of his brothers Velvet was by his side all the time. He supported him when he needed comfort.

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