Little black dog was left on the street in a cardboard box and with a note attached

As Exupery wrote: “We are responsible for those we have tamed.” Hardly anyone will disagree with this statement.

Adults understand that a pet is not some kind of “toy” but almost a full-fledged member of the family, which requires care.

But many children do not realize this. So, one boy could not cope with the responsibility and decided to leave the puppy in a box at the school door.

The incident happened in the US. The surrounding people claim that the boy entered the school, put the box with the animal near the door and immediately ran outside. The school janitor immediately drew attention to the box.

The man decided to look at the contents and, in addition to the puppy, found a note in it.

“Sorry, this puppy is homeless, it’s cold outside, so we decided to give it to you. Please find a nice home for him. Thank you,” this text was accompanied by a note.

At the same time, the animal did not look like a stray puppy, it was clean and well-groomed.

The janitor handed the dog over to a teacher who is not indifferent to animals. She gladly took her for a while and began to look for her owners. The puppy turned out to be a girl, the teacher named her Snowflake.

The woman turned to the dog rescue center for help. There the animal was helped to find its owners. Now the baby is in the hands of kind and reliable owners who surround her with love and care.

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