Little boy built a stroller for a puppy from the Lego constructor he received as a Christmas gift

A puppy named Gracie was born without front legs. The breeders simply threw out the baby at the age of 2 days. Fortunately, the baby was found by kind people who accepted her for who she is and decided to provide her with a good life.

The family looked after the baby but did not know how to provide her with movement. Strollers for paralyzed dogs are made to size and are very expensive.

The puppy grew quickly and such a stroller, even in the manufacturing process, could already be small for him.

Then 12-year-old Dylan built a pram for the puppy from his Lego constructor, which he was given for Christmas.

The stroller turned out to be comfortable and compact, moreover, its size could be adjusted to the growth of the puppy. When the baby becomes an adult, it will be possible to form a permanent and strong stroller, according to individual sizes.

In a few weeks, the baby got used to the stroller. Gracie now briskly runs around the house and walks on the street. As soon as the stroller is too small for her, Dylan adds details and resizes it.

To make the dog comfortable under the tummy, they put soft foam rubber.

A couple of months later, large wheels were attached to the stroller. Gracie was given a real wheelchair when she got big, but thanks to a temporary one, she was active, learned to use a wheelchair, and didn’t get bedsores.

Gracie was lucky – she found her home and caring people. Let every dog ​​from the street find its home!

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