Little kittens survived several days on the street in an embrace

In the American town of Phoenix, a couple of little kittens were right on the street. The animals somehow survived until they were found by a rescue team.

Melinda Blaine, the founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, only recently found out about these cute animals. She immediately took the kittens to her house, gradually began to treat and feed them.

It’s a real miracle that animals could live without a mother for so long. All the time they tried to be together. If they were separated, they immediately cried.

The male named Buddha and his sister Bonsai had numerous abrasions on their paws. In order to prevent the further development of a severe infection, Melinda treated her pets with special pills.

After dinner, the kittens curled up nicely. The animals fell asleep for a long time, as they needed to recuperate. In addition, they needed to take a break from severe stress.

Bonsai in just one day was able to gain 15 grams. Her wound on her paw was larger than that of the Buddha. However, this did not prevent her from being in a positive mood. Bonsai during the treatment many times surprised by the incredible strength of her spirit.

The kittens sorted out the set tray together and began to explore our world together. Recently, for the first time in their lives, they tried solid food and immediately got hooked on it.

These funny pets can always purr for no reason. They always try to be together, in any situation.

The rescue team plans to find a good home for these funny kittens. However, it will be later, and now they need to grow up a little more.

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