Little sad dog Duke lost his family and despaired of becoming loved again

Duke had a family home in Christchurch, but in 2011, as a result of the tragedy, he was left alone.

And after the fate of the dog brought him to the city of Auckland, the restless life of a doggy that was not very suitable for him began: he either lived in different families, then ended up in a shelter, then at one time he generally lived on the street.

New Zealand volunteers noticed the stray dog ​​and started looking for a real home for Duke. One of the volunteers even took Duke to his native place, where he was familiar with everything – in Christchurch.

He hoped that his old owners would be found there, or the dog would fall into good hands.

Thanks to social networks, the story of the dog became known all over the world. Now that Duke is quite a few years old by dog ​​standards, he needs a quiet old age.

Now he is overexposed, he was spayed, and there is a hope that the dog will soon have a permanent home. And in fact, there were many who wanted to take the dog into their family as a full member of it.

So there is a chance that the loneliness of the dog will end soon. Thanks to caring people.

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