Looking for their dog for 4 months, images captured 15 kilometers from their home give them hope

Not knowing where your pet is is a terrible experience, but no matter what happens, you should never give up. The owners of a dog called Latte have never lost hope of finding her. Despite the 4 months that have passed since his disappearance, events have finally proved them right.

A dog that disappeared last summer was recently found about fifteen kilometers from her home, WILX reported. The reunion took place on Thursday, November 17 at his family’s home in Charlotte, in the state of Michigan.

It was precisely from the family home that the animal had disappeared in July. Her owners had never stopped looking for her since. They were looking for the slightest clue, the slightest testimony likely to bring them back Latte safe and sound, but their efforts remained fruitless.

Shortly after the dog’s escape, she had been spotted several times, especially near the western limits of the city. People had even tried to lure her to them to return her to her masters, but Latte was far too suspicious to let herself be approached.

The family had then remained without news of the canid for weeks, until these new testimonies indicating its presence not in Charlotte, but in Olivet, a town located more than 15 kilometers to the south. Latte was as fearful and elusive as ever.

Photos showing a dog whose silhouette resembled hers reached her humans, but these images were distant and blurred for the most part. It was impossible to be categorical about his identity by relying only on these clichés.

«Its owners have never given up looking for it»
Warned, the Eaton County animal control department deployed its agents to the area where the reports were concentrated. Helped by a local resident, they were finally able to get their hands on the dog. She is a tired Latte, but unharmed, who has returned to her family.

The Eaton Animal Service reported on this rescue on its Facebook page. «Although we wish that each dog could tell us his story, the fact is that we will simply never know what Latte’s travels were made of,» reads this publication. What we know is that Latte was found more than 15 kilometers from her home and that her owners never gave up looking for her. »

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