Loud sounds frightened the owners of the house.It turns out that someone decided to overwinter in their basement!

A family from California shared an amazing story that happened in early November last year.One day,going to rest,people went out into the yard and heard strange,loud sounds coming from the basement under the house.

It turned out that one of the local bears was looking for a place to winter and the family did not accidentally close the door of the basement.The animal decided that there was a great den in front of him and settled there.
Such cozy places are ideal for animals for wintering.It’s quiet,dry and dark enough,so it’s not surprising that the animals are hiding there.

The rescuers promised the people to come the next day and move the bear to a safe place.A few hours later,they noticed that the loud sounds subsided and,thinking that the animal had left,locked the door to the basement.But it turned out that the bear was still there.
But,fortunately,the next day the rescuers arrived to help the bear get out.

There are many bears in the vicinity of Tahoe,so the locals are not surprised by such visits.And rescuers are always ready to help people if someone arranges a den in the «wrong» place.

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